OK Series Function Comb OK-190

  • Model:OK-190
  • List Price:USD$20


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  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Note

1. Round point bottom design avoid scalp hurting.
2. Model is 190mm long, anddistance from one end on the comb to the first hole is 1 cm in length. Interval between each hole is 1cm.
3. Specific design making different in depth of interval on comb, which is perfect for fine, damaged, and tangled hair and increases combability.
4. Taking in advantage of property of uneven depth of interval, it creates soft shape as result after cutting.
5. Light, flexible, teeth are more closed scalp.
6. Newest antimicrobial stabilized material used, non-allergicto skin.
7. It contained Anti-Oxidant, resisting destroys from hair coloring residue.
8. Strength plastic is not fracture easily.
9. Resist UV, high-temperature resistance of 140 degree.

Remarks:Black, White, Pink, Blue, Green, Crystal Blue, Crystal Violet
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