OK Series Function Comb OK-201

  • Model:OK-201
  • List Price:USD$20


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  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Note

1. Round point bottom design avoid scalp hurting.
2. Special curved handle fits ergonomics,keep balance easily while cutting in any angle.
3. Skid-proof surface on handle, prevent loosening,comfortable for use.
4. Light, flexible, teeth are more closed scalp.
5. Newest antimicrobial stabilized material used, non-allergicto skin.
6. It contained Anti-Oxidant, resisting destroys from hair coloring residue.
7. Strength plastic is not fracture easily.
8. Resist UV, high-temperature resistance of 140 degree.

Remarks:Black, White, Pink, Blue, Green, Crystal Blue, Crystal Violet
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