High Quality Handmade Scissors for You

Once upon a time, two top fashion hair stylists, with the referring of friend, came to this shear manufacturer and asked one of the technician to try to fix few pairs of very expensive scissors which were simply ruined by a street side sharpener. The technician looked at those scissors and immediately refused to take the job. The reason from him was barely fair, "Even they were fixed eventually, it would cost more than buying a pair of new one." He suggested them to go ahead purchase few more brand new ones and it would cost them less, plus less headache. It certainly was a big shock to them, with a great disappointment and hopeless mind. And the story began.

One of them started a conversation------
"Just do what you can do, it is my personal request, please try your best to save this particular one.
Because this was the one that my mom bought for me as a gift 20 years ago and which cost all of her savings then. That was when I just graduated from the academy & right after I got my license. Ever since then, with this handy tool, I earned my reputation of master hair stylist and I see it as a lucky and memorable life time tool. I will not give it up, period. I don't care how much it will cost; just get it done for me, please". Technician looked at him and didn't say anything, simply took the scissors back to the work shop. Hours later, he came back with greasy hands & dusty face, turning it back to him and said "try it and let me know if you are satisfied!"

The stylist had it in hand and immediately start cutting hair he prepared. Just a few swaying & cutting, his tears came out and said "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" Right before he left, he turned back and asked the technician---"How come you don't have your own work shop and start your own brand? You deserve it for your own!" "I want to, but just couldn't do it with what I have now. Plus, I don't have any knowledge of marketing at all. I only know how to make a nice piece of cutting scissors."

This master hair stylist looked at him and said to him "Let us put it in this way, you just do what you are good at it----MAKING A GOOD PIECE OF CUTTING SCISSORS, AND LEAVE THE REST TO ME."

That's how we started SAKURA BRAND.
This was in 1999.