Carbon Fiber Wide Tooth Comb C901(Carbon Fiber)

  • Model:C901(Carbon Fiber)
  • List Price:USD$19


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Its close set of teeth, ideal for getting hair perfectly straight. If you have straight hair, a fine tooth comb is your best option as its close teeth allow it to settle hair in place.

Nigh temperature resistance of 220 degrees.
Perfect comb for perm and straigntener iron.

1. Round point bottom design avoid scalp hurting.
2. Lengthen first teeth easy to part hair.
3. It could absorb hair of separated region by shorter second to forth teeth, also detangle tangled hair easily.
4. Skid-proof surface on handle, prevent loosening,comfortable for use.
5. Newest antimicrobial stabilized material used, non-allergicto skin.
6. It contained Anti-Oxidant, resisting destroys from hair coloring residue.
7. Strength plastic is not fracture easily.
8. Resist UV, high-temperature resistance of 220 degree.
9. Perfect space between teethes, the best choice for long hair cutting.

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