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Rising to become one of the top five global brands, we passionately craft international-grade scissor products.

Ohka Sakura scissors are crafted as pieces of art through a meticulous process involving over 200 steps. They emphasize the beauty of steel and the curves of the blades, which is why they are beloved in Japan and over 20 countries worldwide, earning a place among the top five global brands.

In order to expand our market presence, we introduced innovative texturizing shears and were honored with the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2022. We take pride in our hair shears, backed by several global patents and a track record of achieving a 'world-first' title. The exceptional quality of our hair shears is of utmost importance to hairstylists, as any lack of sharpness in the blades or imperfections in handle curvature can lead to styling errors. Therefore, we remain committed to continuous improvement and research, collaborating with our valued Ohka Sakura users to create the best scissor products.



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Customized service

Have a pair of hair scissors that suits you best

From material selection to exterior design, our professional team engages in one-on-one discussions with you throughout the entire process.

We offer custom-made hair scissors to ensure that each pair meets your specific needs and style. We uphold a purely handmade production process and proudly manufacture in Taiwan to guarantee that every pair is of top-notch quality. This ensures you have a unique, exclusively tailored hair scissors that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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